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A Guide to some of the CCTV Terminology

A brief overview of some of the IP CCTV terminology. The market is flooded with IP cameras, they all look very similar and the terminology can be confusing. Selecting the wrong IP camera will mean the IP CCTV system is only good for observation with poor picture detail. IP Cameras Most common types of IP

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Six Reasons to Install a CCTV System in your Home

        Six top Benefits of Installing CCTV in Your Home It’s not uncommon to see CCTV cameras situated on every corner of every building in commercial areas. As one of the easiest systems to set up, and one of the most cost-effective security systems, CCTV is used by almost every business to

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New CCTV System Installed in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

We recently installed a CCTV system for a client in Bicester, Oxfordshire. The client wanted ‘piece of mind’ and the ability to check and monitor the property and its perimeters 247 day and night. We installed a system with continuous monitoring and remote access, giving the client the ability to view the system via a

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Why should I choose a 1080P CCTV Camera over a 720P

Whats the difference between 720P and 1080P  Cameras When you are selecting High definition Analog cameras, it is important to ensure that you know the differences that exist between the different types of HD security camera systems. Another thing you need to factor in is that there are two levels of resolutions you can select from.

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Can I Install CCTV

Can I Install CCTV? A CCTV system to protect a home from acts of crime and anti-social behavior is now commonplace. Everyone has the right to protect their property and they can install an alarm system and /or CCTV system. Remember any CCTV system installation should operate with respect to privacy of others. A few

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